AJC reviews our lobster roll

Thanks to the large number of Northerners that have settled in Alpharetta, this suburb has become a hotbed for Northern staples, such as New York-style pizza and bagels. Now add lobster rolls. At Bite, Sous-chef Jason Morgan pushed his boss, Leif Johnson, to put his recipe on the menu. The year-round item is a bestseller.

A relative newcomer to the Atlanta culinary scene, Morgan fell in love with the combination of tarragon and lobster when working under chef Chris Hall of The Local Three. According to Morgan, his lobster roll isn’t traditional because of the bun. He uses a denser black pepper and thyme – the same one that Souper Jenny uses. Morgan takes claw and knuckle meat and dresses it in a homemade aioli, adds crunch with chopped celery and shallots, and brightened with lime zest, fresh tarragon, chives, and basil. He adds a little pickled red onion on top to cut the relative heaviness of the sandwich. It’s an inspired touch.

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